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Blue Point Fire Department Hosts Night of Healing

By Eliza Behn

The Blue Point Fire Department hosted an evening with psychic medium, Jeffrey Wands, on Saturday, November 8. With the firehouse’s sizeable meeting room filled to near capacity, the night was a tender and moving one with many people finding the peace they sought with loved ones who have passed on. Fittingly held in a 125-year-old building, the gallery style readings affected event-goers with lifelong scruples and brought some to tears.

The evening opened with a Mr. Wands communing with the spirit of an audience member’s deceased father. With probing questions regarding the deceased man’s health status at end of life, it was revealed that much to his daughter’s relief, he felt at peace and that his family did all they could to relieve his suffering. More lightheartedly, a young couple was told that dead relatives were impatiently waiting for a proposal (with a hard deadline of February) so the family tradition of twins could be carried on. The young man pushed towards an engagement was also chided for his erratic driving and told to put an immediate stop to it before enlisting in the military (which was a career move supported by a spirit who appeared to Mr. Wands in full officer uniform).

Perhaps one of the most heart-wrenching, and ironically comical, readings of the evening was with three sisters who were able to get some closure from their mother’s passing. Mr. Wands shared some critiques of the late mother including unhappiness with the spanakopita of her eldest daughter.

The crowd waited on edge as Mr. Wands went around the room to reveal the spirits who had come to him and surrounded their loved ones. A regular host at WALK 97.5 FM, Mr. Wands is a renowned psychic medium who hosts events throughout the country. His work as a medium began at the age of six when his grandmother, who had been deceased for 23 years, appeared to him in front of his television. While Mr. Wands can communicate with the dead, he can also predict events through visual and audio experiences. Originally planning to be an attorney, Mr. Wands followed his calling into the psychic medium field and as a full crowd of awe-inspired people at the Blue Point Fire Department can attest, it was for the better.


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