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How to Catch a Leprechaun!

By Mariah Galgano

(Note... it has come to our attention that no one has caught one of the “wee ones” so we are are repeating the instructions in hopes you guys out there will have better luck tis year.)

A Leprechaun is an Irish “elf”. They are known to be very mischievous! Usually, they are quite small in size and resemble a tiny old man in a top hat and red beard. If you know anything about these little fellows, they enjoy playing pranks on unsuspecting people. Legends say they are shoemakers by trade, or “Cobblers”. The funny thing about these shoemakers is that they only make one of each type of shoe? Rumor is you will know when a Leprechaun is nearby if you listen for his hammer tapping……

Each Leprechaun has his own pot of gold. They bury their treasure in secret places that only Leprechauns can reach. A popular hiding spot is at the end of a rainbow. Ideally, you want to catch a Leprechaun and hold him hostage until he leads you to his pot of gold. Keep in mind; these guys are very tricky fellows so you must be creative and even trickier to catch them. Don’t forget, you can’t take your eyes off of them for a minute, if you do, they will disappear!

It would help to know a few things about them in order to nail them. First of all, they are very greedy! You can use gold chocolate coins or paint rocks gold to simulate nuggets to lure them over. Four leaf clovers are one of there favorite attractions. If you don’t have a four leaf clover, try Lucky Charms cereal. Irish Soda bread will work too. Remember, Leprechauns leave a trail of green glitter wherever they go so you don’t necessarily have to hang around the end of a rainbow all day in order to find one! Good luck catching your Leprechaun and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!!!!

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