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Hello all!

I would like to take a moment of your time and introduce our company to you. My name is Janice, and I am the owner of Ultimutt K9. I have been in business for over 17 years. I am a Certified Dog Trainer and Groomer. We are insured and bonded. We are also Certified in Dog and Cat First Aid and Cpr. We purchased the former Fetch location 76 Montauk Highway in Blue Point back in August and have been open since mid-September. At the shop we provide Grooming and outdoor trainings group and private classes. We also provide pet sitting at your home and dog training at your home. If we can be of any assistance to you just let us know! Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have. We look forward to making new friends and seeing some familiar faces!

Now that we have had the chance to introduce ourselves, I am going to share one of my fondest training stories with you. This is the story of Max a Jack Russell Terrier. Max’s mom called me very upset. It was explained to me that Max chases SUV’s and got into the wheel well and was shot out unharmed. You can imagine what this must have felt like for her and little Max. Her words were “Do whatever you have to do to keep my boy safe”!

Now I step in to work with Max and his mom. Their determination was nothing I have ever had the chance to see with a previous client. The commitment was there! We worked hard and between each session they did their homework and it really showed. Each step of the way built their confidence and their bond. They completed the 6-week course with flying colors. With the right tools and equipment, the knowledge, and commitment Max spent the rest of his life looking both ways before crossing the street. If a vehicle were coming, he would move at least two feet back to wait till it was safe to walk. He never went back on a leash again.

Due to the outcome Max will always leave warm heartfelt memories. I am still in touch with his Mom and she is always too kind on reminding me that Max was so good due to the training. While this is greatly appreciated their hard work is what got them to having such a beautiful life together! Training is only as effective as you make it. Ultimutt K9 is here to help educate you and your dog to have the best life possible!

All our best,

Janice Harkins- Hoegel

Owner of Ultimutt K9 Inc.

76 Montauk Highway

Blue Point, NY 11715



Contact Gala for more details!

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