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Lions Lunching at Meadow Croft

by Danielle Golden Giglio

Bayport-Blue Point Community Lions held a fall luncheon fundraiser at Meadow Croft Estate. It was the first time they did an event like this and according to Joan Weissman, secretary of Lions Club, “It was very lovely and worked out well.”

Over 30 Lions and guests were treated to lunch that was served in the 1891 carriage house on the grounds. During their meal members of Bayport-Blue Point Heritage Association that take care of Meadow Croft gave a talk about the history of this estate including stories about Barney Loughlin and his relationship with the Roosevelt family, the property and the winery. There was also a tour of the inside of the historic home that has been restored to its original grandeur by the Heritage Association.

Frank Giebfried a trustee of Bayport-Blue Point Heritage Association enjoyed showing the Lions Meadow Croft, “It is such a great place to hold events like this. The shocking thing is that not more people know about it. We enjoy doing tours and sharing local history.”

The Lions Club luncheon raised funds to support the local community and they also made a donation to Bayport-Blue Point Heritage Association for hosting. Joan said, “Lions Club is the largest service organization in the world. We help out in our community in whatever way is needed. Come to one of our meetings to see how we operate – we always welcome new members.”

For more information on these two hard working organizations

Bayport-Blue Point Community Lions – look for them on Facebook and they hold monthly meetings at Blue Point Fire House on the second Wednesday of the month

Bayport-Blue Point Heritage Association – check out their web site for more information about events and tours of Meadow Croft


Contact Gala for more details!

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