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May 2021

Happy Mothers Day!

The wind told the grasses,
And the grasses told the trees.
The trees told the bushes,
And the bushes told the bees.
The bees told the robin,
And the robin sang out clear:
Wake up !!!!!
Wake up !!!!!
Spring is here”...
Hurray !!!!!!
It’s spring !!!!
The days are warmer and daylight is longer.
What a wonderful time of year.
I really do feel better sitting on my porch,
enjoying the warmth of the sun and watching cars and people go past.
It’s a lot nicer than sitting in my living room, watching TV.
And not only spring makes me happy, 
Mother’s Day is coming.
Yay !!!!
“When you’re a child, a mother walks before you, to set an example.
When you’re a teenager, a mother walks behind you,
to be there should you need her.
When you’re an adult, a mother walks beside you,
so that as two friends you can enjoy life together.
we need to thank our mother’s for being our...
Life guides and best friends”....
Happy Mother’s Day to all “Moms....

Happy Spring and Happy Living !!!!!!!


Diana Reid

Glowing Keyboard


May 2021

Computer Help

This week a reader wrote me a good question…Can I connect my iPhone or iPad to the Internet using an Ethernet cable. My wi-fi is slow and sketchy. 
   If your Wi-Fi is too slow and cellular data is erratic, there is an alternative. With an Ethernet cable, and the right adapter, you can connect your mobile device to an Ethernet port on your router or modem for a fast and dependable connection. It may seem odd to connect a mobile device via Ethernet, since Wi-Fi is built-in and easily available, but there are times when it makes sense. Your home Wi-Fi could be weak, but your Ethernet connection is strong. You could be staying at a hotel with Ethernet port access, but unreliable or expensive Wi-Fi. Or you might need a better connection for online mobile gaming. The main limitation is that you’re tethered to the Ethernet port on your router or modem, so you can’t go too far with your device. You can increase the range with a longer Ethernet cable, which can stretch up to 300 feet, though you may want to limit yourself to 50 feet to avoid tripping.
   First, you’ll need to pick up the right adapter for your particular phone or tablet. Most of these adapters shouldn’t cost more than $20 and can be found on retail sites like Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg.  Most Android devices and the iPad Pro will need a USB-C-to-Ethernet adapter, while older Android phones and tablets require a micro USB-to-Ethernet adapter. If you have an iPhone or standard iPad, you will need a Lightning-to-Ethernet adapter.  While some recognizable brands make these adapters, many of them are made by companies you might not recognize. It shouldn’t matter who you buy from, but your best bet is to read the reviews to see what other customers have to say. Not all adapters are compatible with every device, so do some research before you make a purchase.
   If you don’t already have an Ethernet cable, you can easily find one online. Prices vary depending on the length and quality of the cable, so you don’t have to spend a lot here, but don’t skimp either. Amazon sells a basic cable for cheap, but if you want something longer or tougher, there are nylon cables at differing price points. 
   To set up Your Android Device…Your Android device must be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher and be disconnected from Wi-Fi and cell service to connect via Ethernet. Both can be turned on and off by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping their respective icons. Alternatively, go to Settings > Network & internet (or Connections) and turn off the switch for Wi-Fi. Go to Settings > Network & internet (or Connections) > Mobile Network and turn off the switches for mobile data and roaming. You can also simply turn on the switch for Airplane mode, which automatically disables Wi-Fi and cellular connections for your device.
   To set up Your iPhone or iPad… the process for using your iPhone or iPad is similar to that on Android, which means you’ll need to turn off Wi-Fi and cellular access. Swipe down from the top right of the screen to display the Control Center. Tap the Wi-Fi and Cellular icons to turn off these services. Alternatively, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn off the switch. Go to Settings > Cellular and turn off the switch for Cellular Data. To save time, open Control Center or Settings and turn on Airplane mode.
   To connect your device to Ethernet…Now if you load a website in your browser—preferably one you don’t use often so a cached version of the site doesn’t pop up—you should get a notice that there’s no internet connection. Connect the Ethernet cable to your router or modem, then connect the Ethernet adapter to the Ethernet cable. Finally, connect the adapter to your phone or tablet. If your new adapter has display lights, you should see the lights flash to indicate a connection. Refresh the current page on your browser, and it should now load. While you should be able to enjoy normal internet service through an Ethernet connection, some apps and services may not work properly because they expect a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
   In closing, I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and COVID-19 free. If you’re eligible hopefully you have received your vaccination or at least have it scheduled and that we all continue to do our part by wearing our masks, socially distancing, and limiting ourselves to small groups. Remember I am always available to offer advice, answer your questions, and access your PC remotely for repairs and tutoring. I am back to making house calls again with the necessary precautions. I have added Smart Home Speakers such as Alexa and Google Home to my list of services from setup to automating your home. I can install your new equipment and can show you how to use them. I can set up your Wi-Fi or wireless printing and show you how to use your new Smartphone. Any situation you encounter or to simply answer a question via an e-mail or phone call I am available.

Simply send your questions to: or call me at 631.590.1469.

Computer desktop

Rich Vatalaro

Go Team


May 2021

Civic Association Column 

While it would be impossible for me to summarize the 94 years of my friend George Mitchell's life in this short space, everyone who knew him would agree that he was both a role model and a Gentlemen's Gentleman.  He was a proud WWII Veteran, a Bayport Aerodrome Society Founder, a Sayville Yacht Club member and a proud Congregant of the Bayport Methodist Church.  A spiritual man, George taught bible study and was an avid horologist (clock maker).  A pilot and aviation enthusiast, George was a member of both the Long Island Early Fliers and the Antique Airplane Club of Greater NY.  And where I got to know him best, George was a Charter member of the Bayport Civic Association, the recipient of the 1st Annual BCA Civic Pride Award and a mentor to me throughout.

Legend has it that George piloted a plane before ever driving a car.  He spoke calmly of an emergency landing of his newly bought plane in the Long Island Sound and swimming to safety.  Or the time he was hopelessly trapped above cloud cover, running out of gas and had to put his plane into a spin, descending through the clouds in hopes of finding a safe landing below.  George always put his fate in the hands of the Lord and it served him well all through his days.  George's aviation exploits took him all the way to the moon, where as a Grumman engineer he worked on the Apollo 11 lunar excursion module (LEM)!

George's love of flight dated back in the mid 1940’s.  He married his wife of some sixty years, the late Rigmor (Re), and initially settled in East Patchogue.  After winning a Scholarship in Physics to Adelphi College, they moved to Carle Place and began raising their three children, John, Kirsten and Paul.  Soon after graduating, in 1960 George decided he wanted to move his Family back east, and sold his wife on a beautiful little town called Bayport.  While Re initially thought of Bayport as a nice place, she couldn’t quite figure out George’s insistence on living there.  However, she would shortly learn George’s little secret, that Bayport had its own Airport!

Through the years, George enjoyed his flying and all that Bayport had to offer.  Then in the mid 70’s word was out that the Edwards Family wished to sell the airport, and developers were interested in the property.  George and his fellow pilots sprung into action forming the Bayport Aerodrome Society whose mission was to preserve and protect early-20th century aviation at a representative turf airport, in an effort to save this jewel.  By 1977, the Aerodrome Society succeeded in persuading the town of Islip to buy the airport and keep it in its existing form, with a special thanks to then Supervisor Peter Cohalan.

Fast forward then to 2002 when the rumors again started that the Aerodrome might be sold to developers.  That’s when the surrounding neighbors like myself, my wife Janet, Sue Lauper, Rich Wyeroski and Bob and Mary Smith began to meet to discuss ways to once again save our Aerodrome.  I had known George through his son Paul who I went to high school with and later as a fellow member of the SYC, but it was his connection with Aerodrome Society that led us to reach out to him for his help.  By the time we held our first meeting at the BBP Library in 2003, George had enlisted several Aerodrome Pilots to attend and lend their support.  Pilots like Gene Leavy and Harry Gunther would become longstanding members of the BCA.  George Chaired “The Preservation of the Aerodrome Committee”, our number one Agenda item since day one and still is. Needless to say, we were victorious in saving the Aerodrome once again and have since added another layer of protection by gaining National Registry of Historic Places status in 2008.  The hope is that we’ll always have this Crown Jewel to cherish, but that is due in no small part to the efforts of George Mitchell.

I'll always be grateful to George for always being the first one there to set up for our meetings and the last one to leave and turn out the lights.  George helped us find a home at the Bayport Methodist Church after we had been wandering from place to place trying to hold our meetings.  George was always my first call on the morning of meeting day, and I can never thank him enough for all his efforts.


Tom Reid


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