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Bayport-Blue Point HS Musical Montage

by Dr. Meridith Leo

While the curtains on musical stages in New York City and elsewhere have been down for quite some time, theatre lovers of all kinds will be thrilled to know that our very own Bayport-Blue Point High School students have been working diligently to put together a musical montage that will enthrall and charm spectators.

According to Paul Weber the Chairperson for Music and Art, “This year's high school musical is a revue of popular and familiar Broadway selections. The performance will include such theater favorites as "Magic to Do", "You Can't Stop the Beat", and "Happiness", to name a few. The cast, crew and modified traditional pit orchestra and has over fifty high school students involved in this year's production. This year's musical revue will be pre-recorded and air on May 13, 14, and 15 at 7:00 PM. Please visit for more details in the coming months.”

The following are students involved in the production:

Cast of Actors

Brooke Ackerman, Angelina Bevilacqua, Jamie Boeckel, Autumn Bollinger, Marisa Carney, Sophia Carroll, Logan Cirone, Cadence Corcoran, Emily Cudmore, Katie D'Ambrosio, Emily Denton, Airlea Deutscher, Ava Duras, Madison Espinoza, Daphne Fitz, Sean Kearns, Laurie Kern, Katherine LaFountain, Gia Lanteri, Olivia LoSardo, Derek Placente, Gabriel Ross, Kieran Schneck, Sam Stenzinger, Lada Terushki, Rachael Tveter, Camille Valentine, Ali Vlachos, Marianna Vlachos, Hannah Wilans

Pit Roster

Christian Capitano, Sofia Cetina, Liam Denison, Colin Feddern, Cali Frabizio, Olivia Giebfried, Nicholas Greco, Victoria Huggins, Haley Jenner, Lindsay Lessing, Caroline Maggi, Cecily Phua, Alex Pojero, Jessica Schaller, Colin Somers, Michael Verdecanna, Daniel Woods

To all the Bayport-Blue Point students involved in this production: “Break a leg”!


Contact Gala for more details!

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