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Faces of the Sayville Farmers Market

By Kate Berube

Photography by Belinda Randolph-Mills

The Sayville Farmer’s market is open every Saturday 9 am until 2pm at the Islip Grange (10 Broadway Ave, Sayville, NY 11782) all summer long.

Pickle Packing Papa | Rocky Point

“I’ve been making pickles for 30 years, but my favorite by far is the Fresh New Cucumber Pickle. They’re lightly salted and crisper. On a hot day, if you bite into that, it’s the most refreshing feeling in the world. There’s nothing better.” - Joy Glas, The Pickle Lady

We second that recommendation and add the garlic dill.

Condzella Farm | Wading River

“We grow our strawberries the old fashioned way, on straw. That’s actually why they’re called strawberries. It worked for my great grandfather in 1910 and it works for us now. They’re packed with flavor, and delicious. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” – John Condzella, 4th generation farmer

Be sure to check out Condzella’s three types of asparagus, they blend beautifully together when sautéed.

Nautilus Roasting Co. |

“People cut coffee with cream and sugar because frankly, it’s not good coffee. If the coffee is too bitter, you’re going to need to cover that up.” The bitterness comes from over roasting, basically burning the coffee beans, because it adds a longer shelf life that way. “The best thing you can do with bad bitter sitting in the pot for 8 hours gas station coffee is… add salt. Seriously. During World War II when sugar was rationed and they often burnt the coffee beans to make it last longer, they realized if you put a pinch of salt in it cut the bitterness. Salt is the secret weapon.” – noted coffee historian and Nautilus owner Hugo Fitzgerald

Luckily you never need to add salt to Nautilus cold brew, as it’s perfectly roasted, fresh, and incredible tasting.

Dolphin Seafood | Sayville

“We’ve been in wholesale seafood for 20 years. During COVID, we switched to farmers markets because restaurants were closed. The nicest part is seeing everyone! Sayville is my hometown, where I grew up, being here is like a High School Reunion every weekend.” - Shaun Cunningham, owner and operator of Dolphin Seafood.

Visit their Facebook page for a delicious recipe on steamed Long Island clams. It's that good.

Under The Table

“People say it’s brilliant marketing. I mean, initially it was just paper labels that I wrote the name of the sauce on, I gave two to my brother-in-law, but it was really boring. I wanted to draw something, but I only drew one thing well… my own face. That’s what I did. Every label has a different version of me reflecting what’s in the sauce. It took off.” - inventor John Buscemi

The Never Lie Cherry is back in stock and hotter than ever.

Long Island O’Oldtymer Moonshine | Riverhead |

“Back in Portugal my great grandfather made a sweet brandy from discharged grape skins. He always gifted it to his friends, family, people he loved. After he passed away, the supply of his brandy that made everyone feel close to him started to dwindle. The whiskey you see here is my father holding on to that tradition. We source our corn from a farm on the East End, that’s been in the farmers family for generations. During the season, they might be able to sell an ear of corn to tourists for $5, but day to day they can’t compete with big box grocery stores. Now there’s somewhere for them to sell that product to. Us holding on to our family’s traditions allows local farmers to hold on to theirs too.” – Nicolas Cunha

The offerings of infused whiskey are influenced by the season, so make sure you grab a bottle of strawberry before it’s all gone.

Priscilla’s Farm | Southold

“It was our dream to have a farm. Right after we got married, we started a GoFundMe to raise money for our first acre through the Peconic Land Trust. 3 years later we are going strong with 4 acres.” - Priscilla Howard, organic farmer

Priscilla’s swiss chard is particularly gorgeous.

See our slideshow below for more great scenes from the Farmers Market and be sure to stop in next weekend | Photos by Belinda Randolph-Mills


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