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Fluid Power Barre Unveils New Studio

by Kate Berube

Situated above 14 S Main, Fluid Power Barre gives a striking view of downtown Sayville. Owned and operated by Cathleen Deutscher since 2008, the studio, like most businesses, temporarily closed last March during the first wave of the ongoing public health crisis. With the lockdown measures extending into the spring, Deutscher took the opportunity to complete renovations she had long dreamed to do while the gym was still forced to close. After the prolonged shutdown, the reopening felt more like a rebirth, introducing patrons to a gorgeous new design intent on healing the whole body.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows saturate the expanded studio in natural light, illuminating the airy tones of the space, and easily allowing you to forget the freezing temperatures in the street below. The effect is a deeply serene feeling, despite the powerful workout occurring. “The studio has always had such positive, beautiful energy, and now it is aesthetically matched by the newly improved space,” Deutscher said.

Barre was first created by famed German dancer Lotte Berk in her London studio. An early disciple of Berk’s discipline left to create her own studio in NYC, where years later Deutscher would study under Fred Devito and Elisabeth Halfpapp. Deutscher, a classically trained dancer, was drawn to Barre’s familiar alignment and positioning that honored the body as dance does.

The studio now offers “Restorative yoga and Reiki” evenings twice a month. “Lesia Wilk leads the relaxing and effortless yoga practice while I offer the healing benefits of Reiki,” Deutscher explained. “It is the absolute perfect compliment to the intense barre workouts. It is an opportunity to completely let go, release, relax, and restore!” This seems like the best way to indulge in much-needed self-care in the new year.


Contact Gala for more details!

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