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Help with Coronavirus

Hi Bayport-Blue Point & Beyond: With all that’s swirling around about the Coronavirus there might be something that you can do to help out. Are you a Medical Professional looking for a purpose. Anyone else, an Art Student, a Contractor, a Homeowner, Business owner, you may have some supplies or even a vacant or underutilized building. You could save a life. >>> Maybe you’re a retired Healthcare professional, or in school, closing in on your degree. If you are any of the above let the State & FEMA know how you may be able to help?? You already know the drill; you could save a life. There is a place you can work through to offer your services. >>> Do you have a lead on (Personal Protective Equipment) PPE’s; i.e. M-90 Masks, Dust Masks, Face Masks, Face Shields (of any kind), Medical Gowns (of any kind), Surgical Gloves, etc.?? There is a place you can offer to sell or donate these materials. You can deliver them or have them picked up. >>> Do you have a lead on a building that could be lightly refitted to offer beds for Coronavirus patients?? Buildings in good repair that is currently vacant or underutilized may be just the thing needed to help, as area hospitals are starting to fill up, they are building tents right now. There is a place you can offer such as space to New York State and FEMA. You do not need to coordinate with anyone on this platform. You can direct to “the source.” Here is a link to the New York State COVID-19 Volunteer and Donation Assistance Program, the link:

Sincerely hoping you may be able to help, Ed Silsbe, Blue Point Resident and serving as Pres’ of the Blue Point Community Civic Association


Contact Gala for more details!

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