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Let’s have fun... BBP St Pat’s Parade

Ahhh...just got off the phone with the Big Guy. You know...upstairs....Everything’s ok for this year’s parade He said, and He hopes that all the marchers and parade personnel are in ship-shape form, as usual. I told him that if there was any error in precipitation, rainfall, snow, higher than normal winds or just generally yuckie weather, there might be some problems. People around here might start wearing blue on St. Patrick’s Day and they might start pulling a petal off shamrocks and calling them two-leafed protest clovers.

He said not to worry, He had put in a call and everything was set.

He even gave me a sign to use in case of a threat of bad weather. “If it’s a bit cloudy.” He said, “get everyone to hold up their right hand and give the “ok” sign and if 7061 people do that all at the same time, it should ward off any errant clouds or whatever. 7061, mind you.”

And off He went.

Wow 30 years…That’s how long the Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce has been surprising and delighting the resident of our towns with this fabulous parade celebrating the life of St. Patrick.

This years’ extravaganza steps off at 11:00 and with a bit of luck and the cooperation of 7061 people it will be a glorious and brilliant afternoon. So come on down to Montauk Highway and show your Irish pride and join with thousands of fellow Emerald Islanders in this great celebration of this special Irishman.

If you aren’t of Irish decent, join us for a day as an honorary Irishperson and rejoice in the green-ness of it all.

Speaking of special people, this year’s Grand Marshal, Matt McGuire, will kick off the parade, right behind the Color Guard, and lead us down the green stripe (maybe) from Snedecor Ave to Blue Point Ave at 11:00am. Lots of former Grand Marshals will be there too along with many of our local officials. I am sure there will be famous people there but they haven’t sent in their names at press time so I can’t tell you who they might be.

We’ve got 70+ groups for you this year, including 9 bands (count ‘em..nine), lots of shiny cars, smiling colleens and more big and little, boy and girl, scouts than you’ve ever seen before.

There will be kung-fu, too. And bringing up the rear, the beautiful white horse and carriage. Wait for it.

The Bayport Fire Department will be here as usual, and the bright and shiny Blue Point Fire Department.

March good, guys, this is a tough crowd.

Sponsors are so very important to the parade. Without them, all we’ve got is a green line down Montauk Highway and a parade committee that knows how to sing “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”

Our Gold Sponsors Clare Rose, Legislators’ Rob Calarco and Anthony Piccirillo, Bryn Elliott, Douglas Elliman R.E. and Fontana Concrete…you know…the Sphinx Guys. They are on board to help bring you lots of bands and entertainment. All have stepped up and helped us put on this show for you. We want to thank our Silver Sponsors too; Alan Fricke Memorials, and The Johnny Mac Foundation and Little Angels. Without these major sponsors and all the advertisers in this paper there wouldn’t be a parade.

Over the years this parade has become known for its family friendly outlook. So let’s be careful out there and make sure we can all have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. (Pssst...Daylight Savings Time starts the morning of March 8th, so don’t forget to set your clocks ahead or you’ll be a bit late for the festivities.)

Have fun and first and drink responsibly.


Contact Gala for more details!

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