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Long Island Lighthouses

By Dr. Meridith Leo

The Bayport Blue Point Library hosts a variety of events each year. Lately, because of the Covid-19 pandemic the library has offered virtual tours and events for community members to take part in. As the weather gets chilly and it is difficult to enjoy the outdoors, the best way to stay in engaged is with a virtual tour. In early December the staff at the Bayport-Blue Point Library in conjunction with Eco Photo Explorers provided a live Zoom tour of some of Long Island’s most interesting lighthouses.

The tour began with Mike Salvarezza and Chris Weaver discussing the intricacies of different kinds of lighthouses, their function, and why they were so important to inter-water and water-to-land communication. Salvarezza and Weaver are Eco Photo Explorers who have dedicated their lives to the research and preservation of lighthouses on Long Island and marine habitats throughout the country. Throughout their presentation participants learned about all of the lighthouses on Long Island by offering background historical information while showing scenic photography about “the fascinating history of some of Long Island’s most interesting lighthouses.” (BBP).

Many folks who live in and around our community are lucky enough to access the picturesque south and north fork that are guided by the lighthouses that make Long Island popular. This virtual tour offered some interesting historical information that illustrated a different perspective on beacons that have been pathways to our communities. This winter as you snuggle up inside, consider signing up for a virtual tour through the Bayport-Blue Point Library to learn more about our local community and topics that interest you.

For more information on Eco Photo Explorers check out their website


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