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Mikaela Carroll’s Lasting BBP Legacy

by Kate Berube

You may not recognize Bayport-Blue Point senior Mikaela Carroll by name, but we can guarantee you are familiar with her work. Mikaela is the young lady behind the steady stream of Phantom photos, from sport seasons, to moving up ceremonies, to school concerts over the past three years.

You can often find her on the sidelines, camera in hand, encouraging the JV team to scream louder as the varsity girls rally a comeback against a fierce rival. When the setter springs into action with the game point, Mikaela is right there to ensure the moment lives on forever. “Very often in high school sports it’s the All-American Lacrosse player or the All-State Volleyball star that people will always remember” says BBP Athletic Director Tim Mullins “However, when you converse about the class of 2021, Mikaela Carroll will be one of the first names that many will recall. Through her passion for photography, she has provided hundreds of student athletes and their families with a lifetime of memories.” Never was this more apparent than when the pandemic forced school closures last spring and denied senior athletes a final season on their home fields, Mikaela Carroll organized senior car parades to ensuring those students had Senior Day like every year before them. It’s this kindness and generosity that will be her lasting legacy here. “When you speak of school spirit or giving back to your community, Mikaela is the epitome of that.” remarks Mullins.

In her sophomore year of high school, Mikaela became a regular contributor to the Bayport Blue Point Gazette, supplying her hometown paper with hundreds of pictures over the past 3 years. During that time Mikaela has never missed a deadline, a feat most adults in the print industry cannot lay claim to. Her organizational skills and tireless dedication leave a lasting impression on anyone who has worked with her. “Mikaela’s a true artist” explained Gazette Chief Editor Gala Scibelli “but it’s commitment and love of our community that really sets her apart. It will be an impossible void to fill. ”

This fall Carroll is bound for Clemson University, where she will undoubtably bring her boundless energy and creativity with her. Here at the Gazette, we can only hope they understand just how lucky they are to have her.

Congratulations, Mikaela. We’re so incredibly proud of you.


Contact Gala for more details!

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