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One Moment Premieres at BIFF to Top Awards

By Kate Berube

One Moment, written and directed by local indie filmmaker Deirdre O’Connor, made its long-anticipated world debut at the Fifteenth Annual Beaufort International Film Festival on Wednesday night to great acclaim. Shot in the streets of picturesque Blue Point in the long summer days of 2019, One Moment is the heartfelt story of 4 adult siblings grappling with raising their own children while they attempt to care for their recently widowed, aging father.

Deirdre O’Connor skillfully draws from her Long Island roots, growing up in a large Irish Catholic household, to weave a family dynamic as recognizable to anyone here as the background shots of Corey Beach that scroll across the screen. O’Connor literally invites you into her home (much of the filming was done at her own house) as she tackles the complexity around aging in a world where we bear children later and live longer, with a wealth of levity that has been conspicuously absent from much of 2020, yet sorely needed. It’s that warmth and humor, layered into the dialog and brought to light by One Moment’s delightful cast, that so successfully resounds with audiences.

Starring legendary veteran actor Danny Aiello, of Moonstruck fame, as Joe McGuinness alongside Adria Tennor and Frankie Ingrassia as Joe’s grown daughters, whose time together pack a charismatic punch. Audiences are also introduced to 2016 BBP graduate Sasha Georgette and BBPHS Junior Andrew Brooks, in their breakout roles.

Danny Aiello tragically passed away the winter after filming completed, leaving behind a cast and crew forever altered by their experience with the star, and making One Moment the final feature film of his long and storied career. “It was as if he really was my grandfather, always rooting me on and telling me how great I did,” explained Sasha Georgette, who played Joe’s granddaughter Maddie in the film. “He was an amazing actor, but he was also an amazing human and that time with him I’ll hold onto for the rest of my life.” Aiello was posthumously awarded Best Actor for his performance, where O’Connor accepted the honor on behalf of the Aiello family.

As the curtain closed in South Carolina on the annual film festival, Deirdre O’Connor and fellow producer Jodi Weiner packed up and started home for Blue Point, bringing the award for Best Comedy with them.

One Moment was recently accepted to the Cinequest Film Festival and will be available for streaming for $3.99 from 3/20-3/30


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