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The Pirates Will be Performing

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Danielle Golden Giglio

Bayport-Blue Point High School musical production this year is “Pirates of Penzance”. And this show will not disappoint with close to 150 students working hard practicing, building sets and getting wardrobes ready.

Playing the lead of Mabel is Daphne Sparacio. She is senior and has been involved in musical theater since junior high. Daphne said, “There is a lot of singing in this musical and I love singing.” Although she was not familiar with production at first, she is totally enjoying it now. “I like making other people happy that are watching the show – it is so much fun!”

Producer of the show is Paul Weber and he is also Arts Chairperson for Bayport-Blue Point High School. He is happy that the students have immersed themselves in this classic Gilbert and Sullivan musical. “It is an operetta and such an interesting story.”

The students have been working on “Pirates of Penzance” since October. Mr. Weber said, “We try to get them involved in every aspect.” Besides the performers signing, dancing and acting there is a 50 piece student pit orchestra plus the stage crew, set design, hair and makeup.

Junior Stephanie McDonough is in the ensemble but also worked on the artistic side of the musical by designing many of the art pieces in the show including posters, the playbill and buttons. “I like being involved and working in every part of the theater. It is great to be with people working together toward a goal that we all have fun doing.”

The very model of a modern Major-General is being performed by Samuel Lent. He too has been singing since a young age and got involved with the theater in junior high. He loves the role he is playing in “Pirates of Penzance” and said, “It is great working with everyone. The friendships and bonds that I have made during the musical are amazing.”



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