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The Talented Jeff Allegue

Article & Photo by

Danielle Golden Giglio

Did you know that there is a multi-platinum and gold record musician that grew up in Bayport and still calls our community home? Jeff Allegue is incredibly talented, starting his musical career at a young age and is still jamming on today.

Jeff moved to Bayport with his family when he was around 10 years old in 1972. His love of music began way before with one of his first musical memories of watching a TV show with his dad about a classical guitarist. He said, “I was amazed by it and that is what got me.”

In a musical coincidence at this time living in Amityville, his across the street neighbor was a classical guitar teacher and he started taking lessons. “I had an affinity for Spanish guitar music since my grandfather was from Spain. And I also loved the Beatles. It was a strange combo for a young kid but to this day I still love a lot of different kinds of music.”

Once he settled in Bayport, Jeff was playing in bands from 7th grade through high school. When he was 14 years old his music teacher from Bayport-Blue Point High School saw the potential in his musical abilities and got him a job teaching guitar at Family Melody in Patchogue. This is where he met Paul O’Neill who was also being hired as a guitar teacher the same day. They started a lifelong friendship and much talented collaboration.

It was also during this time that Jeff was in a variety of different bands writing his own music. One band with his younger brother John called Tallboys ended up on “Star Search” which was the “American Idol” TV show of the ‘80s. They won and got a record deal.

According to Jeff there are many different layers to his journey in the music world. His list of talents is endless – writing songs and music, playing bass and guitar, and producing music. He toured for many years with Taylor Dayne and worked with Joan Jett writing songs.

One of his biggest accomplishments was in the mid-90s when his friend Paul founded the Trans-Siberian Orchestra from a band they had together called Slow Burn. He played with them for 13 years and has two platinum and five gold records from being a part of the biggest grossing tours in the world.

Jeff has traveled the world with his love of music, but is proud to call his home Bayport. Currently he still plays live music in the area along with his son Grant who is also a super talented musician. And for the past year his main focus has been The Cover Girl Band. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with their local gigs and to see Jeff playing live. And Jeff also enjoys teaching guitar and bass at his Patchogue recording studio.



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