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Update from Blue Point Community Civic Association

Hi Blue Point and Beyond: Like all of you we’re all concerned about how the Coronavirus is affecting all those we know and love. Obviously inline with that theme the Blue Point Community Civic Association did not have our regularly scheduled meeting tonight. But at the same time we continue working to see that our local Parks are ADA compliant & fully accessible, we have new Town info’ about the Blue Point nature preserve Park & Veterans Memorial Park. We’ve heard from many, like Governor Cuomo, in a 3-21 Coronavirus update; “The Daily Beast”; “Outdoor recreation and exercise is permitted, but must be solitary.”; “It’s running and hiking. It’s not playing basketball with five other people.” “The San Francisco Bay Area implemented a “shelter in place” [order, noting]… five “essential” activities: tasks essential to the health and safety [including:] exercising, …” Yes getting out into the fresh air and exercising is encouraged. Accessibility is more important than ever. New York State, County, Town & Village Parks have seen a huge uptick in visitors. That's a great thing, but it should be safe for us all; both social distancing and Accessibility. We’re posting/reposting maps & guides for some of the Nice Parks in the Bayport-Blue Point area for taking a walk, or a nice hike. Maybe places you may not even realize are there. We invite you all to submit your own suggestions for places to get outside. Suggest them here & on out Facebook page too. Back to fixing the ADA/Accessibility issues at the Blue Point nature preserve & Veterans Memorial Park. Not too long ago we got our 2nd and only substantial amount of information answering our July 2019 FOIL request. Ck. it all out on our Facebook page. If you’d like to check out updated maps of the San Souci Nature Preserve, in Bayport/Sayville & or our update on the noted FOIL please follow this link: All the best and stay safe, Ed Silsbe, serving as President of the Blue Point Community Civic Association P.S. We’ve posted here before about some ways you can help with the Coronavirus Pandemic, so here’s a fast reminder. Maybe you’re a retired Healthcare professional, or in school, closing in on your degree. Do you have a lead on (Personal Protective Equipment) PPE’s; Do you have a lead on a building that could be lightly refitted to offer beds for Coronavirus patients?? You do not need to coordinate with anyone on this platform. You can direct to “the source.” Here is a link to the New York State COVID-19 Volunteer and Donation Assistance Program, the link:…/su…/nys-covid19-tracking-offers.


Contact Gala for more details!

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