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Pizza for a Cause!

By Kate Berube

Could you eat an entire pizza in under 7 minutes? It’s a particularly impressive feat, but not quite as ambiguous as orchestrating a Thanksgiving meal for 1,200 people. Ryan Carroll, of the local charity Carroll’s Kitchen, is aiming to do both.

What does feeding over a thousand people look like? It amounts to an unrelenting 500 pounds of sliced turkey drowned in 27 gallons of gravy, and accompanied by 400 pounds each of cornbread stuffing, cranberry compote, Brussels sprouts, and of course, mashed potatoes.

Carroll’s Kitchen, in its latest collaboration with Angels of Long Island, Servicing the Underserved, and The United Veteran Beacon House, is aiming to cook and delivery these Thanksgiving meals locally to Veterans, the elderly, and families in need this holiday season.

In an effort to help fund this endeavor, Blue Point’s Bistro25 East hosted a pizza eating contest this past Sunday evening. 25 Pizza were generously donated by Vaspa Italian Kitchen and Bar for the event, which consisted of 20 contestants vying for a $500 prize. While the competition was fierce, once again Wayne Algenio came out on top, consuming an entire cheese pie in 4 minutes and 19 seconds. All contenders finished within 7 minutes, followed by a great deal of laughter, good natured ribbing, and I assume indigestion.

If you’d like contribute to the Thanksgiving Drive but are uninterested in having to eat an entire pizza in one sitting, you can donating directly to Carroll’s Kitchen at, because honestly, that’s a lot of gravy.


Contact Gala for more details!

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