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We’re On a Roll!

by Kate Berube

Inspired by a recent community discussion on local culinary offerings, the Gazette set out to discover BBP’s most beloved sandwich. The results, gathered over multiple social media platforms and dinner table discussions, were wide and varied. “I hadn’t heard of half the sandwiches people were listing,” remarked one local participant, “but by the time I finished reading through them, I was ready to try them all!” Though each offering had its enthusiastic supporters, two clearly came out a cut above the rest.

Photos: Alyssa Gonzales Photography

On the very top of the list is Cavanaugh’s hot roast beef hero served on melted mozzarella garlic bread with waffle fries. Made the same way for the entirety of Cav’s 35-year history, this time-tested favorite has the added benefit of being classically nostalgic comfort food. We find it goes best with a tall pint of Guinness and a good conversation. Customers are given some generous portions, so bring extra napkins and a big appetite.

Coming in a strong second, The Fish Store’s classic flounder filet sandwich is surrounded by crisp lettuce, thick tomato slices, red onion, and home-made tartar sauce on an artisan bun. Served with hand cut fries and their signature coleslaw, it’s best enjoyed down by the water while on your lunch break with a cold Arnold Palmer. Openly endorsed by veteran Gazette editor Tom Reid, who states simply, “Seth makes a top notch sandwich over there.”

And with all of the local contenders, each community member is bound to find their own favorite among the dozens of delicious sandwiches nominated. We hope it inspires you to #eatlocal tonight!


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