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Whale Tale Bakery Comes to Bayport

by Ezra Powers

The Whale Tea Bakery is bringing bubble tea to Bayport! For those who have yet to experience bubble tea, it's a chilled sweet milk tea, made exceptional by the small tapioca balls that are added. Bubble tea, also called boba tea, originated in Taiwan but has been finding some popularity in America especially in large metropolitan areas. Now it is branching to our small town.

The Whale Tea Bakery, located on Montauk Highway in the former Sweet Escape location, offers multiple varieties of tea, including the standard brown sugar, mango, taro, matcha, rose and strawberry milk tea. There is also a delicious Creme Brulee series, featuring creme brulee alternatives to the brown sugar, taro, and matcha milk teas along with a creme brulee oreo milk tea. If milk tea isn’t your thing, you can try the oolong tea series which has three flavors; milk foam, peach, and lychee. At less than seven dollars a drink, I ended up sampling more than one. The drinks are easily paired with an assortment of pastries and desserts they have for sale, each one better than the last.

On a recent visit to the bakery, I convinced some of my friends to try a selection of the different flavors of the milk tea series together. The staff were polite and the drinks were made surprisingly fast. I had gotten the brown sugar milk tea which comes with small tapioca balls, all together it was excellent and our most recommended flavor if you are trying for the first time. It’s a sweet and cold drink that's perfect for the rest of these eighty degree summer days. Head down and give it a try!


Contact Gala for more details!

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