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Word Detectives

As part of an exciting reading unit, first graders at Bayport-Blue Point School District’s Academy Street Elementary School recently transformed into “word detectives.” In their new roles, the students were given several reading “missions” to complete, requiring them to be on the lookout for different vowel sounds and difficult words, and to apply their knowledge of phonics to “solve” them.

On Jan. 7, each class of “word detectives” received a special visit from the “secret agents” who had been assigning them their missions all along. In full crime-solving attire, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Hearney and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Theodore Fulton came to ask the students what they had learned throughout their time as “word detectives” and then presented them with official “word detective certificates” in recognition of their hard work. Finally, the “secret agents” instructed the students in an oath, pledging to continue trying their best at being great readers (and sleuths).


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