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Words Make You Think, Music Makes You Feel

By Dr. Meridith Leo

The NYSCAME/SCMEA All County 11th and 12th grade Festival can make you feel the joy that music brings to some hardworking musicians and artists. Each year, the New York State Council of Administrators of Music Education, and the Suffolk County Music Educators' Association work with local district representatives to select the most qualified musicians to participate in the 11th& 12thgrade “All County Festival”. Our own community musicians and singers were among those who were selected for this festival event.

The following BBP students were selected for 2020/2021:

Luke Farley (12th grade) - Bass 1 - Mixed Chorus

Arianna Martinez (12th grade) - Alto 1 - Mixed Chorus

Katherine LaFountain (11th grade)- Soprano 1 - Mixed Chorus

Katie D'Ambrosio (11th grade)- Soprano 2 - Mixed Chorus

Jessica Schaller (11th grade)- Bb Clarinet - Concert Band

Colin Feddern (12th grade) - Trumpet - Concert Band

Christopher Cody (12th grade)- Violin - Symphony Orchestra

Christian Capitano (11th grade) - Double Bass - Symphony Orchestra

Lindsay Lessing (12th grade)- Oboe - Symphony Orchestra

Cecily Phua (12th grade) - Flute - Symphony Orchestra

“In acknowledgement of their continued hard work through this challenging year and their selection to this elite group, these outstanding musicians were presented with Certificates of Recognition at the BBP Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. Well done!”, said Janet Borowski a parent and SEA-BBS member. Truly the passion these students have for music and singing is what helps us to remember that life is one grand sweet song, so start the music!


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